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5 Creative Ways to Use Your Waffle Iron

August 31, 2014

Waffles are always a hit at the breakfast table and we all know why: those wonderfully crisp and golden pockets! The delightful texture of waffles makes them appeal to almost anyone. However, if you’re only breaking out the waffle iron for its namesake, you’re missing out! These versatile presses provide a quick, easy and tasty way to cook a variety of dishes that are sure to please your family and friends! Here are five creative ideas for foods that can be prepared in any waffle maker:

  • Prepare “cinnamon roll-ffles.” Just like waffles, everyone loves cinnamon rolls! Why not merge the two with this easy recipe? Purchase your favorite brand of store bought cinnamon rolls from the refrigerator case. Pop open the tube and place one cinnamon roll in each section of your greased, heated waffle maker. Close the lid and in about one minute, you have delicious cinnamon roll waffles! Slightly warm the cream cheese icing that comes in your tube and drizzle on top for a meal that’s sure to get rave reviews at the breakfast table! These little treats are perfect for a lazy Sunday morning or a weekday breakfast to go!
  • Make “biscuit-ffles.” This method is perfect if you love a good biscuit in the morning, but don’t want to go to the trouble of baking a batch in your oven. You can prepare your own homemade biscuit batter or just pick up a tube of your preferred refrigerated brand. Insert one biscuit in each portion of your greased, heated waffle iron and in around 60 seconds, you’ll have biscuit waffles that are ideal for your morning meal! These little rounds are fantastic for breakfast sandwiches. Try them with bacon, eggs and cheese for a new spin on a fast food standard. Pair them with some fried chicken and a drizzle of honey for an interesting take on the classic pairing of chicken and waffles. Sausage, ham, apple butter, and strawberry jam are all delightful filling options as well. Don’t forget those pockets are great for holding more than just syrup! Country gravy will fill those little compartments wonderfully!
  • Cook “grilled cheese sandwich-ffles.” Waffles aren’t just for breakfast anymore! You can even use your waffle maker to prepare lunch and dinner! Just take two pieces of your choice of bread and place several slices of your preferred cheese in between. Heat your waffle iron and coat it with a little butter or cooking spray. Put your grilled cheese inside and cook until the outside is crisp and golden. The result will be gooey perfection! Play around with different types of cheese and fillings to form your ideal blend. Go gourmet with brie or goat cheese paired with sliced apples. Layer some prepared macaroni and cheese in with American or cheddar for a grilled cheese that any kid will love. With a perfectly melted center and the crispy pockets on the outside, there’s no limit to what kind of tasty grilled cheese sandwich you can make in your waffle press!
Easy Cheesy Egg Belgian Waffle Muffin Recipe

Tasty breakfast idea: an Easy Cheesy Egg Belgian Waffle Muffin

  • Make “muffles.” If the name doesn’t make you smile, the taste of this inventive dish certainly will! Just prepare your favorite muffin recipe as you normally would. Instead of placing your batter in muffin cups, pour it into a greased, heated waffle iron. Cook them for the same amount of time as you typically cook your waffles to achieve a crispy, golden exterior. Whether you like the combination of blueberry capped with dollops of ricotta cheese or banana nut topped with caramelized bananas, everyone will love trying this breakfast fusion. They’re not muffins. They’re not waffles. They’re “muffles!”
  • Make “cake-ffles.” We’ve covered waffles at all three meals. Now it’s time for dessert! Waffle irons are perfect for crafting show-stopping treats to cap off any feast. Simply prepare your preferred cake recipe as you normally would. Boxed cake mixes make this idea especially easy! Instead of baking your cake in a pan or cupcake molds, pour your batter into a greased, heated waffle maker and cook just like you would a regular waffle. When your timer goes off or the cake waffles are slightly browned, they’re ready to serve to your guests! Try pairing chocolate cake waffles with chocolate sauce or cocoa hazelnut spread for a chocolate lover’s dream. Red velvet waffles with dollops of cream cheese frosting are another guaranteed sensation. Use your imagination and find your family’s new favorite indulgence!

Waffles irons are great for making the standard breakfast item they were developed for, but they can do so much more! With any of these great ideas, you can use your waffle press to make many other delectable dishes everyone will enjoy! So pull out that waffle maker and create something amazing!