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Festive Belgian Waffle ideas for the Holidays & Seasons

November 2, 2014

Fluffy, delicate and so delicious, Belgian waffles are a real crowd pleaser and can make any family celebration or special event even more memorable. Thanksgiving and Christmas are both terrific times to try exciting taste combinations, and there are some exciting ways to incorporate your favorite treat into into family meals, party buffets and festive feasts.

Turkey and all the trimmings

Thanksgiving and Christmas are such wonderful family times, and you can make festive feasts tempting by including tasty Belgian waffles. Everyone loves turkey and all the trimmings, but there always seems to be so much left over. Finding ways to use up your Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey just got so much easier. Belgian waffles are the perfect base for tasty dishes that everyone will enjoy. No more boring turkey fricassee, now you can turn turkey leftovers into exciting dishes that are satisfying and tasty.

Chicken and Belgian waffles is one of the taste sensations of the past few years, and this famous dish can be easily modified with turkey. Just choose your favorite recipe and add shredded turkey instead. For a really authentic southern fried taste, simply coat pieces of turkey in beaten egg and spicy breadcrumbs before deep frying and then pile it on to your heated Belgian waffles with maple syrup and gravy.

Try a club sandwich made with Belgian waffles. These superb creations are filling and simple to make. Layer grilled bacon with turkey, cheese, lettuce and tomato between light Belgian waffles. You can make this dish truly festive with a cranberry and pecan mayonnaise dressing!

Just desserts

Delicious Belgian Waffles are perfect for Thanksgiving, and there are several great ways to serve them. If you like to make your own Belgian waffles try adding 1 cup of canned pumpkin to your usual recipe. Serve with a sensational cider apple syrup and wait for the compliments to come! You can also pile stewed pumpkin on top of Belgian waffles and serve with double cream and maple syrup for a delicate alternative to pie.

Christmas pudding waffles are rich, satisfying and festive, and so easy to make. Cut Belgian waffles into rounds with a pastry cutter and brush with a little brandy or rum if you like. Dust with icing sugar and get ready to create a spectacular dessert. Christmas pudding is sticky and crumbly. Break up a little of your favorite brand and pile on the center of your dusted Belgian waffle. Serve with brandy sauce or cream.

A lighter version can be made using the same Belgian Waffle base and fresh, dried or crystallized fruit. Fresh figs or peaches soaked in cognac work really well or try cranberries with raspberries soaked in a little apple juice for children. Raisins, nuts and candied peel make a great decorative topping, and you can also soak them in your favorite spirit if you wish. Whipped cream is a delicious finishing touch, and you can gently fold in a generous splash of champagne for adults.

Belgian waffles are an excellent choice when it comes to party food too, and there are dozens of exciting ways to use them – chocolate dipped waffles coated in sprinkles, Belgian waffles rolled round frankfurters for the kids, waffle layers, homemade waffle toppings, the possibilities are endless – but that’s a Belgian waffle story for another day. Enjoy!