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The South’s 6 best Belgian Waffle Restaurants

March 24, 2015

As the original site of home-style country cooking, the South is no stranger to culinary tradition and delicious food. From sweet and savory Chicken and Waffles to classic renderings of a Belgian delicacy, the Southern waffle is a well-respected menu item. Whether you’re enjoying your Belgian waffle from a food truck, backyard restaurant window, or high-end restaurant, the South offers a number of exciting dining adventures and memorable waffle options.

6. Bittersweet Confections (New Orleans, LA)

More chocolate shop than restaurant, Bittersweet Confections offers a grandiose selection of baked goods and sweets. They offer a special “Wonderful Waffles” breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays from 8 am to Noon, the quality of which shows their mastery of all things sweet. This weekend event has drawn locals and visitors, and is definitely worth the weeklong wait.

Bittersweet Confections
725 Magazine Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

5. Cafe Beignet (New Orleans, LA)

Café Beignet is another great NOLA option, and its delicious French-Cajun influence brings a unique mix of menus items and flavors. From café au lait to jumbalaya, to (of course) the beignet, this café offers a taste of local flair and culture. The cooks’ expertise shows in the delicious quality of the food Café Beignet offers and their Belgian waffle is no exception. The light fluffy waffle comes classically served with seasonal fruit and maple syrup.

Cafe Beignet
Musical Legends Park
311 Bourbon Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

Royal Street
334-B Royal Street
New Orleans, LA 70130

4. Nana G’s Chik-n-Waffles (Atlanta, GA)

Nestled in Downtown Atlanta, Nana G’s Chik-n-Waffles food truck is one of the locals’ best-kept secrets. If the name didn’t give it away, Nana G’s signature dish combines their bacon-infused Belgian waffle with one of the South’s signature foods-fried chicken. The chicken comes tender and perfectly battered, with optional powdered sugar or maple syrup, while the waffle adds a complex flavor and fluffy texture to the mix. If you’re unsure about chicken and waffles, Nana G’s also has more traditional options, like banana and Nutella waffles.

Nana G’s Chik-n-Waffles
Up-to-date locations on website
Atlanta, LA

3. Café Brussels (Houston, TX)

Café Brussels is Belgian-owned and operated, with an extensive draft list, dinner and lunch options, as well as a full brunch menu. Although they don’t serve breakfast during the week, their Sunday brunch menu is a work of culinary genius. Set among a number of other tempting brunch options, their classic Brussels waffle with whipped cream and strawberries will offer you a well-crafted taste of Belgium.

Café Brussels
1718 Houston Ave
Houston, TX 77007

2. Brunch Haus (Austin, TX)

Set within the eclectic culture of Austin, Brunch Haus elevates the breakfast and brunch to a culinary art form while staying connected with its humble origins. The outdoor seating and order window feels like a backyard picnic or food truck experience, but make no mistake-the paired-down setting of the Brunch Haus stands in stark contrast to the high-quality menu. Their chicken and waffles dish comes lightly topped with syrup and chives, or you can order a stand-alone Belgian with syrup.

Brunch Haus
415 Jessie St
Austin, TX 78704

1. The Waffle Bus (Houston, TX)


Customers checking out the menu of Houston’s Waffle Bus.

A fun twist on the usual “food truck,” the Waffle Bus offers an impressive assortment of waffle-themed menu items. Their options include the waffle burger, fried chicken and waffles with chili honey, smoked salmon waffles, lemon-caper cream cheese stuffed waffles, and strawberry Irish cream crème brulee waffles. Another fabulous feature of the Waffle Bus menu is the portability of their food options: each dish comes in sandwich form, making them easy to wrap up on the go and eat without making a mess. Their creative dishes and practical design makes this street food option a cut above the rest.

The Waffle Bus
Up-to-date locations on website
Houston, TX