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How to Make the Perfect Stuffed Waffle

May 23, 2016

Waffles are phenomenal on their own (or with various toppings) but what if there was another way to improve the traditional waffle? Of course, you could try another herb-infused batter, or add a poached egg—you could even develop a new waffle sandwich. But these are surface level changes, and if you’ve tried them before, chances are you’re ready to take your waffle game to the next level.

Enough with surface-level improvements, we’re talking about the heart of the matter: the inside of the waffle. If you haven’t already tried stuffing your waffles, it’s not nearly as difficult as you’d think. All it requires is your usual waffle batter, a waffle press, and a willingness to experiment. Simply pour, stuff, and re-pour. If you’d like a little more detail, let’s slow things down.

  1. Preheat your waffle iron!
  2. Make your batter of choice, or use a pre-made mix.
  3. Spray your iron to avoid sticking.
  4. Pour first layer of waffle batter into the press, taking care to under-fill.
  5. Spread your filling of choice (see below for recipe ideas). If you’re not sure how much filling to add, start with 1-2 tablespoons.
  6. Slowly pour second and final layer of batter, making sure to cover all areas of filling to prevent leakage.
  7. Lower top of waffle press and cook for 2 minutes (or until the steam stops!)

As usual, remove your waffle carefully with soft heat-resistant spatula or rubber-coated tongs—this will prevent damage to the iron. You may find that your waffle is a bit more delicate in the center, so handle with care to avoid tearing. Experiment with your ratios to find the perfect balance between filling and structural integrity.

Enjoy your stuffed waffle on its own, or combine with other toppings for a luxurious brunch. To really impress your guests, try adding stuffed waffles to your sandwiches or other savory concepts. What better way to rejuvenate the traditional waffle dish?

Recipe Inspiration

Not feeling inspired? Not to worry—we’ve got just the assortment of ideas, from sweet to savory. There are no limits to what edibles you can incorporate into your waffle. Some popular sweet filling options include Nutella, jam, peanut butter, or syrup. Additionally, you can get creative with savory stuffing, such as various cheeses, meats, pickles, mustards, or vegetables. Check out these ideas from the pros:

Sweet Stuff

  1. This helpful how-to guide (with pictures) from the Cheeky Kitchen includes a recipe for waffle batter and cream cheese filling with berries.
  2. Of course, why not add the syrup to the center of your waffle? This way, the maple bakes its flavor into the whole waffle. When you slice open the middle, viola!
  3. For a dish that can double as dessert, try these Cheesecake Stuffed Waffle with Berries by Chelsea at A Duck’s Oven.
  4. Sometimes the best things are also the most obvious. Try adding your favorite chocolate bar, sauce, or Nutella to the center of your waffle and prepare to taste heaven.

Savory Stuff

  1. Why eat your breakfast meats on the side when you can enjoy everything in one bite? This Pillsbury recipe encourages you to mix and match by stuffing your waffles with sausage and adding blackberry sauce on top. Yum!
  2. As a fresh new take on the grilled cheese, try adding some sharp cheddar to the center of your Belgian waffle. You can also use this idea to take your chicken-and-waffles or waffle BLT to the next level.
  3. Anyone who’s accidentally taken their bacon with syrup knows that the combination is unbeatable. Add fully cooked bacon to the center of your waffle, top with syrup, and experience the ideal fusion of sweet and savory.

There you have it—the stuffed waffle is an exciting and versatile technique to make your usual Belgian waffle a tad more exciting. Be creative! Try developing new stuffed recipes to use in your favorite dynamic waffle dishes. Now go make waffle magic.

Note: Don’t expect anything raw to fully cook while inside the waffle. For example, you should only add meats to the center of your waffle after they’ve been cooked. Similarly, if you’re adding hard fruits or veggies (apples, potatoes), be aware that they may not soften after only 2 minutes at the center of the waffle press.